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Home Teleport was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.
Home Teleport
Home Teleport icon
Release date 27 September 2006 (Update)
Members No
Level 0
Spellbook Normal
Type Teleport
Experience 0
Runes Free (see article)
Home teleport
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Home Teleport is a Magic spell available to all players. It provides a teleport to Lumbridge or Burthorpe with no rune requirements, although it doesn't give any Magic experience. When the spell is selected, players are prompted to choose their destination.

Casting the spell takes about ten seconds, and can be interrupted by combat. Furthermore, the spell can not be cast during combat, and thus can not be used to escape a fight and is also rendered useless beyond level 20 Wilderness. This is in contrast to Lumbridge Teleport, which can be cast instantly, assuming the player has the required runes and magic level and isn't past level 20 Wilderness.

There used to be a 30 minute cooldown between teleports until a hidden update removed it on 28 March 2011. Until 31 January 2012 the spell only took players to Lumbridge. Since this date player may select whether to go to Lumbridge or to Burthorpe through a dialogue window. If player has the Burthorpe tutorial guide system activated, the teleport only takes them to Burthorpe.

In the past, if a player tried to use the spell before recharge time is finished, a message declaring "You need to wait another X minutes to cast the spell." appeared, except when one minute remains, the different presentation being "You need to wait another 1 minute before casting the spell.".

When the player arrives, the camera will face North, identical to clicking the compass.

You can easily use this spell to figure out if you are being tele-blocked by attempting to cast it and doing something to interrupt it if the spell is initiated.

History and glitches

The spell was introduced on the 27 September 2006 in the Skill Tutors update[1]. In the Dream Mentor update on the 15 May 2007, it was called "Lumbridge Home Port", most likely because the complete name couldn't fit. This was later changed, by placing a line break between home and teleport. A Home Teleport Spell was updated to be included in all spellbooks[2]. A player can now return to Lumbridge (normal spellbook),Burthorpe(normal spellbook),Edgeville (Ancient Magicks), or Lunar Isle (Lunar spells), respectively.

When the spell first came out, the player could activate the spell, and after drawing the circle, click on the minimap. In this case, the player would walk to the spot with a white ring following him/her at his/her feet, though the player would not be teleported. This was fixed shortly after the bug was reported.

Days after the spell was released, a player could perform an emote in the midst of drawing the circle, causing the player to freeze in a bending-over animation.

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Home Teleport

There was also a glitch which involved the Wilderness Ditch. If a player used the spell and quickly clicked the ditch, the player would hover over the ditch instead of jumping over. This was fixed by Jagex with an update.

There is a glitch where the player appears to be able to repeatedly cast the spell. This can be achieved by starting to cast it and then reclicking on the teleport button as the player gets out his or her spellbook.

There is a glitch where a player is standing in the circle. This can be achieved by casting the spell then using the emote Goblin Salute. This has been fixed however. Another glitch that occasionally happens is that the book the player reads is visible if the camera is rotated behind the player.

The sound of the teleport was changed in the 9 August 2011 graphical and audio update.

There is a glitch involving a player casting the Teleport while wearing an ankle length skirt/robe (such as druidic mage bottom). When the player sits down the player looks like he/she has no legs.


There has been a wide controversy of the values of this spell and the Lumbridge Teleport Spell among players. One of the most common issues raised by players is that the Home Teleport spell removes a great deal of risk from the game (since players can visit any area and have a means of escape, though a number of seconds undisturbed are needed, so this is not a certain means of escape).

At the same time, players have said the spell is helpful in encouraging new players to visit dangerous areas they would not have otherwise visited, thus helping to support new updates.

Another argument is that in RuneScape Classic, duelling everywhere was allowed, which provided "free teleports" to Lumbridge. Lumbridge Home Teleport now replaces the function of it.

The reason this spell has a magic level requirement of 0 is to prevent players from not being able to cast this spell in the event of having their magic level drained to 0.


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