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===Suggested gizmos===
===Suggested gizmos===
{{Perk suggestions header}}
{{Perk suggestions header}}
{{Perk suggestion|Precise|Sharp|Sharp|Sharp|Precise|perks=Honed[1-5],Furnace[1-2, Cautious]}}
{{Perk suggestion|Precise|Sharp|Sharp|Sharp|Precise|perks=Honed[1-5],Furnace[1-2], Cautious}}

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Has a 2% per rank higher chance of successfully gathering items.
Release date Unknown edit
Gizmo type Tool
Maximum rank 5

Honed is an Invention perk that causes a tool to have a higher chance of success when used.

Success increase
Rank Increase
1 2%
2 4%
3 6%
4 8%
5 10%


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Magic parts
Magic partsCommon011–21–31–4
Silent components
Silent componentsRare11–21–32–52–5
Sharp components
Sharp componentsUncommon11–21–31–41–5
Precise components
Precise componentsUncommon01–21–21–31–4
Blade parts
Blade partsCommon011–21–21–3

Suggested gizmos

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Precise components
Sharp componentsSharp componentsSharp components
Precise components
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