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Honeycomb detail

A honeycomb is an item used in the Summoning skill to infuse honey badger pouches, along with 84 spirit shards and a crimson charm. It can be obtained in the beehives area in Catherby, just east of the flax field, by clicking the "Take-honey" option with an insect repellent in your inventory.

Insect repellent can be obtained on a table in a small house east of the beehives, south of the archery shop in Catherby. A player may also obtain insect repellent by talking to the beekeeper. Neglecting to have an insect repellent in your inventory will cause the player to lose 20 life points without obtaining anything. Insect repellent does not have charges meaning a player can use the same insect repellent forever.

For beginners who want to earn money, honeycombs can be a great source of income. Each inventory of 28 (after adding the insect repellent to your toolbelt) honeycombs sells on the Grand Exchange for 25,676 coins. This is about 1,155,420 coins gold an hour when rushing between Catherby bank and the beehives nearby and new alternative way is own a Bank Chest from Player Owned Farms which is closer allowing more profit to be made.

Honeycomb collecting

A player collecting a honeycomb.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Falador resource bundleN/A1Unknown
Spirit implingN/A10Unknown


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