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Honour guard chathead

Honour guards are unattackable NPCs with a combat level of 115. They assist the player in killing 10 ice trolls in the final battle of The Fremennik Isles, and are also found wandering around the front gates of Neitiznot. They are also found in the icy areas north of the main village of Neitiznot, usually fighting Ice troll runts. They are good for ranged training as they make perfect solid blockades and can provide extra muscle when needed.

Players on a troll slayer assignment may kill those that the Honour guards are killing for their task. Causing at least one life point of damage to the troll is enough to count towards their task.

They appear to be wearing yak-hide armour, a Fremennik round shield, a fremennik blade, a brown cape (presumably a Fremennik Cloak), leather gloves and boots and a Fremennik helmet.


Honour Guards fighting Ice Trolls.


  • When they attack, the animation appears as if they are using a staff's melee attack, and the sound their attacks make resembles the stab attack of a spear.
  • Oddly, even though they are wielding Fremennik round shields, Ice troll females can hit 50s on them.
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