For the pet version, see Hope Nibbler.
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Hope devourer is a Dungeoneering boss monster that can be fought on the Warped floors of Daemonheim, beginning at floor 51. It requires level 101 Dungeoneering to encounter and fight. This boss monster is the highest levelled behemoth of Daemonheim. It resides closest to The Rift of all its kind.

Killing a Hope devourer at least once is a requirement in order to own the hope nibbler pet.

The fight

The behemoth has four main modes of attack: the first is its aura attack, a special ability that deals damage to all players in the room, as well as lowering their combat skills, but which can be blocked with the use of Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic. The aura hits at regular intervals, always dealing the same damage depending on the behemoth's combat level.

The second attack is an extremely rapid melee attack that can be halved by praying against melee.

The third attack is a knockback attack that deals typeless damage equivalent to 25% of the player's maximum health and decreases their Defence by one level.

The fourth attack is prayer-eating attack that only affects players with protection or deflection prayers active, dealing massive damage, disabling prayers, healing the boss, and increasing its attack, strength, and defence. This attack is preceded by the beast roaring, so experienced players can avoid it by turning off their protect prayers quickly. Alternatively, players can opt to exclusively use Soul Split throughout the entire fight, as the boss's special attack does not affect this curse.

The boss's fifth attack is the standard stomp attack that behemoths use on players who stand under them. The Hope devourer's stomp attack deals damage equal to 1/6 of the target's maximum life points.


Hope devourer prayer drain

The Hope Devourer performing its prayer draining attack

Attack the boss and activate offensive prayers and potions to help counteract its stat draining effect. When the Hope devourer roars with visible overhead text, deactivate Protect from Melee and Protect from Magic or their curse equivalents to avoid the special attack. Use Soul Split to heal and nullify the special attack.

The majority of the damage players receive during the fight is from the defence draining shove attack. Protect and deflect melee do not help against this attack, so Soul Split and food, preferably Salve eels or better, are helpful.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Protoleather bodyProtoleather body1RandomNot sold
Subleather bodySubleather body1RandomNot sold
Paraleather bodyParaleather body1RandomNot sold
Archleather bodyArchleather body1RandomNot sold
Dromoleather bodyDromoleather body1RandomNot sold
Spinoleather bodySpinoleather body1RandomNot sold
Gallileather bodyGallileather body1RandomNot sold
Stegoleather bodyStegoleather body1RandomNot sold
Megaleather bodyMegaleather body1RandomNot sold
Tyrannoleather bodyTyrannoleather body1RandomNot sold
Sagittarian bodySagittarian body1RandomNot sold
Behemoth notesBehemoth notes (part 5)1CommonNot sold
Mysterious chronicleMysterious chronicle1CommonNot sold


  • Marmaros (the rewards trader) barely survived an encounter with this boss; it was what made him so terrified of everything around him.
  • One of the walls near the entrance to the boss chamber originally bulged out, allowing players to safespot the boss. An update fixed the wall, removing the safespot.
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