Hopespear's Will
Release date 12 November 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Dorgeshuun
Developer(s) John A
Age Fifth Age
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Hopespear's Will is a miniquest available after completing the Land of the Goblins quest. Completion is required for the completionist cape and the master quest cape.


Start pointQuest map icon Speak to Hopespear in the Crypt in the Goblin Temple.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

Starting out

Goblin High Priests

The 5 priests

  • You will need at least level 40 Prayer to perform Hopespear's task; otherwise he will say "Me have favour to ask you, but me not think you holy enough yet."
  • Head to the cave entrance located just east of the Fishing Guild's entrance. Enter the cave and walk north, then west until you find two goblin guards guarding the entrance to the temple.
  • Drink one dose of the goblin transmogrification potion and enter the temple. Do not equip anything when in goblin form.
  • Once in the temple, enter the crypt through the door to the north. Equip your ring of visibility and ghostspeak amulet.
    • If you have received the ability to see into the Shadow Realm from Sliske, you do not need to equip the ring to see Hopespear, but you do need it in your inventory.
    • If you have completed the Hard Morytania achievements you do not need a ghostspeak amulet.

You will see the ghost of Hopespear, the goblin prophet. He will tell you a story about a battle between the goblin tribes; he will describe his vision from the Big High War God about how the goblins must stop fighting. Once you tell him that you have been to Yu'biusk, he will tell you that in order to free the souls of the goblin priests, you must complete a ritual of which includes killing the goblin priests to retrieve their bones and bury their bones in Yu'biusk. However, to retrieve their bones, you must defeat the goblin priests without use of weapons or armour.

Priests to kill

Remove any armour or weapons you have equipped, keeping only the amulet of ghostspeak (not a cramulet) and ring of visibility equipped. You may find it easier to attack the priests in the same order as you did during the last time, though they can be done in any order.

  • The first foe is Snothead. Go to the first grave to the left and say the name of the prophet.
  • The second foe is Snailfeet. Go to the first grave to the right and say the name of the prophet.
  • The third foe is Mosschin. Go to the second grave on the left and say the name of the prophet.
  • The fourth foe is Redeyes. Go to the second grave on the right and say the name of the prophet.
  • The fifth foe is Strongbones. Go to the grave at the far end of the room and say the name of the prophet.
Image Priest Name Grave location
Grave symbol
Lifepoints Prayer Experience Bone Attack Style
Snothead chathead Snothead SW
Snothead grave
700 Prayer-icon1,750 exp Snothead's bone Melee
Snailfeet chathead Snailfeet SE
Snailfeet grave
900 Prayer-icon2,250 exp Snailfeet's bone Melee and Ranged
Mosschin chathead Mosschin NW
Mosschin grave
1100 Prayer-icon2,750 exp Mosschin's bone Magic and Melee
Redeyes chathead Redeyes NE
Redeyes grave
1300 Prayer-icon3,250 exp Redeyes's bone Melee and Magic
Lowers Attack, Strength, and Defence
Strongbones chathead Strongbones N
Strongbones grave
1300 Prayer-icon3,750 exp Strongbones's bone Melee and Magic
Lowers Attack, Strength, and Defence
Summons level 14 Skoblins
  • If you continually aren't able to get Snothead to drop his bone, talk to Hopespear to make sure that you told him that you have been to Yu'biusk.
  • You may use prayer during the battles.
  • You may not use Summoning familiars.
  • The use of Dreadnips is also allowed during the battles.
  • Legacy combat mode can make the fight somewhat easier.
  • You don't have to defeat all the priests at one time. You can leave the crypt and continue where you left off, but you will need another dose of transformation potion.
  • If you are wearing the cramulet, or ghostly robes, the priests will start their normal dialogue, and if a dreadnip finishes off the priest while speaking he will drop normal bones, not the bones you're looking for.
  • If you log out in the temple, you will appear outside, and will need another potion dose to enter again.

To Yu'biusk

Once you have all of the bones, you can teleport out of the crypt. If you exit through the door, you will appear outside of the goblin temple, in the cave. You may bank if you wish. Find a fairy ring and enter code BLQ to be transported to Yu'biusk. You may bury the bones anywhere in Yu'biusk. Each bone buried will give you the corresponding amount of Prayer experience. (See chart above) Attempting to bury the bones in the region of Yu'biusk accessed during The Mighty Fall does not work.

  • Congratulations! Miniquest complete! You are rewarded 13,750 Prayer experience!




  • When talking to one of the goblins in the temple they will say "Me hear ghosts in the temple crypt! No one sees it, but sometimes they hear it. 'Wooo... Wooo... ' It say." In which your player can respond "Who ya gonna call?" which is a reference to the 1984 film Ghostbusters.
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