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Drakan symbol

Meiyerditch, a human ghetto overseen by House Drakan.

House Drakan is the current ruling government of Morytania, the swamp-nation east of Misthalin. House Drakan has ruled Morytania for more than 4,000 years through its master, Lord Drakan.

House Drakan consists of the vampyric nobility, including Lord Drakan and those related to him. The Drakan family itself is known to consist of Ranis Drakan and Vanescula Drakan, but other, more distant relatives, such as Malak, are also part of the house.

According to Vanescula, House Drakan had a civil war against House Jovkai, narrowly losing to their opponents.

Lowerniel Drakan's mother was once the matriarch of Vampyrium who served Zaros, but eventually fell from his favour and was turned into a crystal of blood used to empower Nex.

Known members

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