Since hunting usually involves quite a bit of running around, reducing weight will make it possible to run more often and thus get faster Hunter experience. These items will reduce a player's weight:

In addition, players can wear different clothing specific to each of the four major Hunter training areas in order to increase their chances of a successful catch. There are four sets of hunter gear, one for each area. There are also three more types of clothing which can be helpful. At levels 28, 38 and 52 you can wear Larupia, Graahk and Kyatt clothing respectively. These different outfits will help to increase your catches in their specific area(s). The increase in catch rate is quite valuable, so it is worth buying the appropriate Hunter clothing or you could make it yourself.

Furthermore, hunting at lower levels may involve a lot of waiting around, so you may want to bring things to cast high alchemy on while you are waiting.


Your inventory for hunting is different depending on what you are hunting. For example, it is pointless to bring a Butterfly net if you are hunting salamanders in the Haunted Woods. Below is a list of all the hunting gear you need for most types of hunting, and the type of hunting it is used for.

Note: Most of the hunting gear can be bought in the two hunting shops. These hunter shops are located in Yanille and Nardah.

  • Bird snare(s) - at least 5, 15 recommended. (Bird Snaring)
  • Box trap(s) - at least 5, 15 recommended. (Box Trapping)
  • Food as some areas/catches can damage you.
  • Iron spit(s) for cooking beast/bird meat if desired (with level 20 Firemaking).

Fast experience

This table lists various methods of hunting, which are recommended for players interested solely in raising their Hunter level. Information on profit, items dropped, etc. may be mentioned in the Notes column, but the methods listed are only those which provide experience at the fastest rate available for that level.

Notice that just because a method requires a higher hunter level does not imply that it is more effective than a method available for a lower Hunter level. A creature that yields less experience but also takes less time per catch may prove more effective than a creature that yields more experience at a lower rate.

Level Creature XP/Catch XP/Hour Area Equipment
1 Rabbits 30 About 9,000 Vinesweeper Ogleroots
  • Feeding Rabbits ogleroots is the fastest exp rate when beginning hunter. There are a total of 8 rabbits spawning from the rabbit holes along the outer borders, 2 on each side; a total of 240 xp for each run around the field. If you world hop after you've gotten all of the rabbits exp comes quite a bit faster.
  • Ogleroots can be bought at Vinesweeper for 10 gp each. After exactly 307 Ogleroots you can get from level 1 to level 27.
  • Encircling the field drains your run energy, so lightweight clothing and equipment is necessary.

Crimson swift icon
Crimson Swift

34 1,500 (at 5 Hunter)

8,000(at 40 Hunter)

Feldip Hunter area (Fairy ring AKS) Bird snare


  • Although Common Kebbits give slightly more experience, it's much faster to snare Crimson Swifts.
  • At level 40, it no longer becomes possible to fail a crimson swift trap.


  • Nothing worthwhile is obtained from hunting these; those wanting to make a profit at a similar level can hunt Polar Kebbits.


  • Remember, if a bird swoops down on your snare without getting trapped, then the snare must be taken down and set back up or it won't work.
  • Do not log out without picking up your bird snare, or it will disappear.
9 50px
Copper Longtail

3,000 (at 15 Hunter)

10,000 (at 40 Hunter)

Piscatoris Hunter area (Fairy Ring AKQ) Bird snare
  • Copper Longtails are easy to catch when at a low level.
13 File:Desertdevil.gif
Desert Devil
Golden warblers
Golden Warbler



Uzer Hunter Area (Fairy ring DLQ) Noose wand

Bird snare




File:Ruby harvest.PNG
Ruby Harvest

24 5,000 (at 20 Hunter) Piscatoris Fishing Colony's Hunter Area, south of the Copper Longtail Butterfly net



  • Fill your inventory with butterfly jars and buy a butterfly net at Yanille .
  • Use the fairy ring just north-west of Yanille and teleport to hunting area (Fairy ring: AKQ).
  • It is strongly recommended that you put the camera to the top, as they are hard to click on.
  • Good way of making money in the process of training.
19 Tropical Wagtail
Tropical Wagtail

10,000 (at 20 Hunter)

17,000 (at 40 Hunter)

Feldip Hunter area (Fairy ring AKS) Bird snare


  • West edge of the map, south of a Red Chinchompa area which makes Tropical Wagtails relatively unnoticed.
  • At level 20 Hunter, two traps may be used.


27 Eagle's Peak quest 2,500 Start at the Ardougne Zoo



20,000 (at 27 Hunter)

30,000 (at 40 Hunter)

Piscatoris Hunter area (Fairy ring AKQ) Box trap


  • Bait (raw meat) doesn't seem to be necessary.



Swamp lizard wild
Swamp lizard


23,000 (at 29 Hunter)

34,000 (at 40 Hunter with three traps)

Morytania (Fairy Ring CKS) Net trap


  • Good money.
  • Using guam tar as bait also significantly reduces training time.
  • Using the trapdoor behind the Canifis bar to reach the Hollows significantly reduces the risk of health loss (requires completion of the In Search of the Myreque quest).


  • The area south of Canifis is dangerous. To protect against ghasts, take a druid pouch and a blessed silver sickle and make sure your prayer is full, although reasonably high levelled players should have no trouble training here without druid pouches or any kind of food.
  • It is a good idea to have a combat level of 41 or higher to protect from snails .


  • Hunt at the "Hunter Training" symbol on the map to the south (and a little west) of the entrance to the Agility Course.
  • When you trap a swamp lizard, you get a weapon (also called a swamp lizard) that is the tertiary ingredient in creating swamp titan pouches.
  • It's a good idea to bring a blessed silver sickle to prevent swamp decay.

Spined larupia



Feldip Hunter area (Fairy ring AKS) or Spirit larupia teleport Knife, Teasing Stick, and a Hatchet
  • These drop big bones and Tatty larupia fur or Larupia fur.
  • For the biggest profit, it is advised to only take the Larupia fur and not the tatty larupia fur; larupia bodies can also be made, which sell for more than the fur.

File:Barbtailed kebbit.PNG
Barbtailed Kebbit

168 20,000 Feldip Hunter area (Fairy Ring AKS) Deadfall trap
  • Make sure to bring knife and hatchet.
  • If you want even more experience, bring a bird snare to catch Tropical Wagtails.
  • Only one deadfall trap is allowed at a time, regardless of Hunter level.

File:Prickly kebbit.PNG
Prickly Kebbit


23,000 (at 37 Hunter)
27,000 (at 39 Hunter)

Piscatoris Hunter area (Fairy Ring AKQ) Deadfall trap


  • If you are catching birds as well, it is possible to train Fletching simultaneously by using the feathers on arrow shafts made with the knife and logs, though this may not be possible if hunting rabbits.
  • At level 39 you can smoke traps, and at level 40 you can set up an extra bird snare (if you are snaring birds at the same time).


  • You can only have one deadfall trap at a time, regardless of level.


  • Places to hunt would be directly south of the Rare Tree icon; right next the spot for bird-snaring copper longtails; and right next to the fairy ring.
  • Bring a hatchet to save inventory space by cutting the trees you need for the deadfall traps.
  • Bring a chisel to save inventory space by chiselling the spikes the kebbits drop into stackable bolts (requires Fletching level 32).

File:Spotted kebbit.PNG
Spotted Kebbit

104 27,000 - 40,000 Falconry area (Fairy ring AKQ) Falconry


  • It will not fly away if you log out but it will if you teleport. Bringing more gold will allow you to stay for longer, as random events may cause your falcon to disappear.


  • You have to bring 500 coins to rent the falcon.
  • In order to equip a falcon you must have your weapon, shield, and glove spots free.


  • The Falconry area is in the Piscatoris Woodlands Hunter area in the north-westernmost corner of RuneScape.
  • During this training, the more room the better for holding the pesky bones and fur that you get when you capture them.
  • Try to get an empty world and memorize spawn positions of the kebbits.
  • Groups of Spotted kebbits spawn in the central spawning areas, and single Spotted kebbits spawn on the side areas.
  • You can bury the bones and drop the fur as soon as your inventory is full.
45 File:Penguinhunt.png
250 25,000 - 50,000 Penguin Hunting Area (Travel east across ice blocks from Iceberg) Noose wand
  • Must complete the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest.
  • At level 50 by using a net trap (which you can find in the shipwreck in the south-eastern corner of the hunting area) you will get faster experience.
  • At level 56 you can box trap. They are faster than net trapping, but gives 100 exp less than net trapping.
  • You do not have to bring fishing net and rope, there is a damaged boat east of the penguin hunting area that has crates that supplies fishing net, rope, knife and driftwood (enough to do deadfall and net traps).
47 125px
Orange Salamander

60,000 (at 50 Hunter)
90,000 (at 70 Hunter)

Uzer Hunter Area Net trap


  • Not usually crowded.
  • Bait is stackable and inexpensive (Marrentill tar)
  • There are two spots each with four nets in close proximity, and another with two nets.
  • If banking is desired, there is a relatively convenient bank chest at the Shantay Pass or Dominion Tower.
  • Wear Graahk hunter gear and desert boots for maximum efficiency.


  • Waterskins needed, wear desert boots and/or a knife to cut cactus to extend time between drinks needed. However, when dressed in desert clothing, one, maximally two waterskins needed before catching full inventory (one is sufficient at Hunter level 55 - confirmed multiple times (catching with 3 net traps, no bait used))
  • Aggressive level 42 desert lizards wander around the area (but not inside the hunting area itself), take caution on approach if you are a lower level.
48 As A First Resort quest 15,000 Start in the centre of Oo'glog
  • Requires completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.
  • Requires level 51 firemaking and level 58 woodcutting.


198 15,000 - 82,000 Piscatoris woodlands hunter area, west of the falconry area Box trap


  • Can be used to train ranged or sold to people training ranged.
  • Also used as an item for Summoning.
  • Stackable: fewer trips to the bank.
  • No lure required.
  • Usually empty, players tend to prefer canivorous chimchompas.


  • If accidentally attacked, will explode and deal 20 life points of damage to player if in its blast radius.
  • Bring at least 10-12 boxes, you may lose them during random events.
  • Relatively hard to catch at low levels.


  • For maximum experience, bring a hatchet and knife to a do deadfall trap at the same time.

File:Dark kebbit.PNG
Dark Kebbit

132 35,000 - 55,000 Piscatoris Hunter area, Falconry area (Fairy ring AKQ) Falconry
  • Two spawn in the side spawn areas and the spawn area to the south.
  • Bring 500 coins to rent the falcon. It will not fly away if you log out but it will if you teleport. Bringing more gold will allow you to stay for longer, as random events may cause your falcon to disappear.
  • There are two favourable spawns on the west edge of the Falconry area.

Red Salamander

272 50,000 - 120,000(at 90 Hunter) Outside Ourania Cave (use Khazard Spirit tree if possible) Net trap


  • Not easily sold, sold for little money.
  • Can become VERY crowded at peak times.


  • Head to the Red Salamander hunter area, located West of the spirit tree near the Battlefield of Khazard, or you can walk there by teleporting to Castle Wars Arena and walking North.
    Go to the western spot, (west of altar), located at the edge of the road where the graveyard is, and use the trees there. Focus on the three trees that are close together for the fastest XP. This gains 20-40k more xp per hour than the eastern spot.
  • Any camouflage equipment is desirable, although not necessary.
  • If you can't use the spirit tree, bring a stack of cheap runes (air, body, etc.) and use the Ourania Runecrafting Altar. Keep in mind that if you do this, you'll be roughly trading 1 rune for 272 Hunter experience. This is actually a much quicker way to bank, and if you bring a stack of very cheap runes (such as mind runes) you might actually earn more money through the time saved.
  • After Lunar Diplomacy players with 71 Magic can access Ourania teleport. When used along with Moonclan teleport this allows fast banking without the need of runecrafting.
  • Lacking any other method, you can simply release the salamanders if you are more concerned about experience rather than money.

File:Red chinchompa.PNG
Carnivorous Chinchompa

265 50,000 - 100,000 Feldip Hunter Area (Fairy ring AKS) Box trap


  • Very profitable.
  • Can be used to train Ranged (or sold to people training ranged)
  • Stackable.
  • You can use a ranged weapon to shoot the Chinchompas if they run far away to increase the Hunter experience you get per hour.


  • The hunting areas are usually crowded.
  • If accidentally attacked, will explode and deal twenty damage to player if in its blast radius.


  • Set the box traps around the chinchompa respawns, and try to find a relatively high population world as the Chinchompas respawn faster when more people are using that particular server.
  • These are south-west of the crimson swifts in Feldip Hills.

Black salamander


30,000 -


Northeast of Chaos Temple (Wilderness) Net trap
  • An unuseful weapon.


  • Very far apart, so experience may be lower than for red salamanders.
  • Very risky—inside wilderness—death is more likely to occur; many people go back to chinchompas because of this.
80 File:Ruby harvest.PNG
Ruby harvest

60,000 (at 80 Hunter)

90,000 - 100,000 (at 86 Hunter)

Piscatoris Hunter area, (Fairy ring AKQ) Barehanded
  • Never crowded.
  • No profit is gained.
  • Requiring 75 agility barehanded.
95 File:Black warlock.PNG
Black Warlock
650 140,000 Feldip Hills (Fairy ring AKS) or Spirit larupia teleport Barehanded
  • Not usually crowded. No profit is gained.
  • To maximize experience, switch between Butterflies.
  • Requiring 90 agility.

Powertraining Hunter

This guide shows the fastest way to 99 hunter, with less profit than the guide above.

Level Creature XP/Catch Area Equipment Notes
1 - 19 Feeding rabbits 30 Vinesweeper Ogleroot It takes exactly 133 ogleroots to get from 1 to 19. They have a price of 10 coins each, a total of 1330 coins, no traps are necessary. Up to 9000 exp/hr can be obtained on this method. It is recommended to play on vinesweep worlds, so you can help other players while still gaining hunter experience.
19 - 27 Tropical Wagtail 95 Feldip Hills (Fairy Ring: AKS) 5 bird snares, Recommended: Larupia clothing, requiring level 28 hunter to wear. At 20, 2 traps can be used. It is best to hunt them to the north of the hunter master's house. If the area is being used by more than 2 people, go to the west of the hunter master's house, near the carnivorous chinchompas, where there is a small flock of 3 birds that is rarely used. Repeat what you did for levels 1 - 19.

Notice: At first, it will be very difficult to catch the birds

27 - 43

(After Eagles' Peak) Ferret And White rabbit

115 (ferrets), 144 (rabbits)

Piscatoris Hunter area

Box traps, Larupia clothing and Rabbit snare

They are relatively easy to catch, although, they seem to escape from traps often. It is recommended to bring multiple box traps, as you can lose them in result of random events.

You can use ferrets to flush white rabbits out of their hole, set two rabbit snares infront north and south rabbit holes, then flush the western/eastern rabbit hole. This is optional, but it maximizes the experience.

43 - 50 Spotted Kebbit 104 Piscatoris Falconry (Fairy Ring: AKQ) 500 coins, do not bring gloves,bracelets, shields, or weapons Spotted kebbits are the easiest variety of kebbits to catch with falconry. To catch the kebbits, the player simply needs to click on them. The falcon will swoop down and capture the kebbits. If caught, a yellow arrow will appear on top of the falcon and the kebbit, this means you may go pick it up. If failed, the falcon will return to you.
50- 80


(after Hunt for Red Raktuber)

250 (net trap), 150 (box trap) Penguin Hunting Area

Polar camouflage gear or Kyatt hunter gear ( at level 52), net trap and ropes (optional) and Box trap (at level 56)

They have a great exp/hour rate. It is not necessary bring net trap and ropes, because, there is an abandoned boat to the east of the hunter area that supplies 120 net traps and rope. There is a option to hand over KGP agents to Jim, but it's not recommended since it gives only 2 exp each agent. At level 56, it is possible box trap, which is faster than net trapping, because they rarely miss the trap, but it gives less experience than net trapping.

At level 70 hunter, it's possible get 60-70k/hr when net trapping with 4 traps, which makes this the best alternative to red salamanders.

59 - 80 Red Salamander 272 Just south of the ZMI altar cave entrance, north of the observatory. 4 ropes, 4 small fishing nets. However, it is a good idea to have spares due to random events.

Note that there are 2 locations, each with 4 trapable trees (you can use 4 traps at just lvl 60).

at level 60 Hunter, you can make an expected 70-90k Hunter xp/hour using 4 nets.

Red salamanders are usually crowded, if you're having troubles to hunt there, consider going back to penguins or orange salamanders.

69 - 80 Dashing Kebbit, Dark Kebbit 156 and 132, respectively Piscatoris Falconry (Fairy Ring: AKQ) 500 coins or more. Dashing kebbits are more difficult to catch than spotted kebbits and dark kebbits. To catch the kebbits, the player simply needs to click on them. The falcon will swoop down and capture the kebbit. If caught, a yellow arrow will appear on top of the falcon and the kebbit, this means you may go pick it up. If failed, the falcon will return to you.
80 - 99 Carnivorous Chinchompa 265 Feldip Hills (Fairy Ring: AKS) 5+ box traps Although you can start catching red chinchompas at level 63, it is not recommended. The areas of hunting are usually crowded and they're difficult to catch at level 63.

Fast Experience


The best XP can be provided by Igneous Jadinkos at a rate of 135k/hour. To achieve this rate equip full Witchdoctor gear and summon an Arctic Bear.

Alternatively, continue catching red salamanders near Ourania. This area is far less crowded than the chinchompa hunting grounds, and it will usually be fairly easy to find an empty world. With an arctic bear familiar (invisible +7 hunter boost), 90k+ experience an hour is possible. Orange salamanders should also be considered at this level, as the success rate is almost 100% with a hunter boosting familiar. Up to 110k experience an hour is achievable.

Alternatively, barehand catching ruby harvest at the piscatoris hunter area provides slightly less xp/hour (with arctic bear and full woodland camo ~80k+ an hour experience) as well as 12-17k agility exp per hour and can be considered by players to be more 'worth the time'. Note 75 agility is an additional requirement.

85-90 (with 80 agility)

You can carry on catching the Igneous Jadinkos.

Catch sapphire glacialis butterflies barehanded in the Trollweiss Hunter Area. Equip kyatt hunter gear, but do not wield anything. Note that 80 agility is an additional requirement to catch them barehanded. You will release the butterfly as soon as you catch it. These are around 96k xp/hr at level 85 (using an arctic bear to boost hunter).

These give 400 hunter experience as well as 70 agility experience. At these levels, 110k-120k experience an hour is easily achieved, of which 10k-20k will be agility experience.

90-95 (with 85 agility)

Integrate snowy knight butterflies into your training regimen. These grant 500 hunter and 100 agility experience. Alternatively, hunting Draconic Jadinkos grants approximately 144k xp/hour of pure hunter experience. However Igneous Jadkinos can be better than Draconic Jadinkos as you do not need to spend time gathering resources of Juju Hunting Potions.

95-99 (with 90 agility)

Catch black warlock butterflies barehanded. Each grants 650 hunter experience and 125 agility experience.

Hunting With Brawlers

There are three methods that most people would consider using hunting brawling gloves on. These are black salamander, red chinchompas and grenwalls and pawyas (together).

Black salamander

Black salamanders are ~300k xp/hour with brawlers, and as they give 304 xp each, this means ~247 caught per hour. No profit is made since the player is releasing the salamanders to increase efficiency. Lasting for ~275 catches, the brawlers can potentially give 300k xp per hour for ~1.1 hours. Beware, it can be very difficult to train uninterrupted in the wilderness.

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