Hymn book detail

Hymn book was released along with One Piercing Note quest. It contains lyrics of the Hymn To Saint Elspeth. It can be obtained by searching in abbey's oratory.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Hymn book.

Holy Elspeth, guide our tongues
To sing to Saradomin's praise;
Grant us the vision that you saw
To hold before us all our days.
Teach us to stand fast as you stood,
Undaunted by the demon's cries;
The clash of battle shook you not
Nor heeded you Zamorak's lies.
Teach us that single piercing note
That rang out with your final breath,
That shook to ash the demon's heart,
Brought it to silence and to death.
And when for us life's music fades
As mortal voice and hearing fail,
Grant us to join the eternal choir
And sing with you beyond the veil.

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