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For the non-player character, see Ian.
Jagex moderator crown.png Ian Gower
Ian Gower.png
Nationality British
Role Engine Developer
Team Engine Development
Project Old School RuneScape
Employed 20012016

Ian Gower is the brother of Andrew Gower and Paul Gower.[1] He helped create an early version of RuneScape, DeviousMUD, in late 1999.[source needed] He did the graphics and three-dimensional modeling.

In addition, he originally did the conversion for the quests Goblin Diplomacy[2] and Fight Arena.[3] He also developed the Hunter skill, Haunted Mine, Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin generals and Eagles' Peak.

Ian Gower started working on Old School Runescape on 13 October 2014.[4] On 25 October 2016, Ian left the company to work with his brother Andrew at Fen Research after having worked at Jagex for 18 years.[5]


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