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Ice Asylum
Ice Asylum.png
Release date 19 May 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Constitution
Level 91
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment None
Cooldown 300 seconds
Summons a crystal with a total healing capacity equal to three times the caster's maximum life points. It will heal anyone standing near it for 1-7% of their maximum life points every 3.6 seconds, based on their proximity to the crystal. The crystal disappears after 22.2 seconds or after reaching its healing capacity, whichever comes first.
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Ice Asylum is a Constitution ability that creates an area in which any player who is present will be healed. It shares its cooldown with the abilities Rejuvenate and Guthix's Blessing, and the special effect of the Enhanced Excalibur. Ice Asylum, along with Blood Tendrils, Shadow Tendrils, and Smoke Tendrils, is learned by reading the Codex Ultimatus, which is obtained by talking to the archaeological expert after completing The Dig Site quest.

The percentage life points healed is dependent on your distance from the crystal. Here, distance is defined as a square surrounding the crystal. For example, the square tile the crystal is on is a distance of 0; the square of 8 tiles adjacent to it are a distance of 1; the square of tiles adjacent and beyond each of those are a distance of 2, etc. Ice Asylum's healing takes place over 20 seconds as opposed to 10 and does not end even if the user is restored to full health, making it more useful in situations where the other healing abilities would bring a player to full health and end prematurely.

When used in solo combat situations, this ability will heal up to 42% of the user's health compared to the 40% healed by Rejuvenate and Guthix's Blessing. This makes Ice Asylum the best heal of the three as long as the player is able to stand next to the crystal for the full duration. Ice Asylum can heal up to a total health equal to 300% of the player's maximum health.

Ironmen and Hardcore ironmen accounts do not receive the healing benefit from the crystal if it was generated by another player, regardless of their proximity.

Distance Heal
0 7%
1 7%
2 6%
3 5%
4 4%
5 3%
6 2%
7 1%
8+ No heal


  • Ice Asylum is currently the highest levelled ability, surpassing Frenzy.
  • The healing effect works through barriers, even if there is no physical path from the crystal to those being healed.