This article is about the summoning familiar. For the monster, see Ice nihil.
Ice nihil (familiar) chathead

Ice nihil are level 87 Summoning familiars. They belong to the Nihil group of familiars, and currently share the special move, Annihilate, with three other nihil familiars: shadow nihil, blood nihil, and smoke nihil. Ice nihil give a 5% accuracy boost to Magic like smoke nihil, and they also have the ability to apply a 5% accuracy and defence reduction to non-player targets; the accuracy and defence debuffs only apply to the damage caused and received by other familiars (including those of other players) such as the steel titan, and not players themselves (making the ice nihil a more viable option for group PvM than the smoke nihil). Unlike most other familiars with no weakness, they are specifically weak to ranged.

Nihil familiars attack at double the speed of all other familiars, meaning that though their maximum hit is a little low, they excel in damage overall.

Ice nihil pouch


Ice nihil pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 150 Elder energy, an Elder charm, and an Icyene feather in the inventory.

Annihilate scroll


Annihilate scroll enables the use of the Annihilate special move for all nihil familiars. Using any of the pouches on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.


Annihilate is the special move for the ice nihil, which deals up to 768 magic damage and stuns monsters.

The special move costs 20 special points.


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