Ice sculpture
Release date 19 April 2011 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Queen of Snow hideout
Examine Varies

The Ice sculpture was a statue found in the Queen of Snow's hideout. It must be carved out of the ice block during the 2011 Easter event to show the queen how beautiful spring is. There are four options, and all of them will satisfy the queen. It could not be altered after creation, as a message would say "The statue is perfect. To modify it further would be a crime against art." This is no longer the case. If you talk to the Queen of Snow after completion of the event and select the option, "I am not happy with my sculpture." she will tell you that you can return and change it but she will always remember the first one. After completion of event, it can be seen again by entering the hideout. What looks exactly like the Ice sculpture carved by the player can be found in the snowy area of Trollweiss Mountain near the entrance to Keldagrim. The Ice sculpture can be visited by using the Fairy Ring code DKS, and has the examine which matches the one carved in the cave.

If you want to change the look of the Ice sculpture at any time, you may do so with a hammer and a chisel in your inventory by using either one on the sculpture. When both hammer and chisel are on your tool belt, you can left-click the statue to modify it.

Players that did not participate in the 2011 Easter event will only see an unmodifiable Ice block in place of any sculpture. Attempting to modify the ice block gives the message, "You cannot modify the ice sculpture."

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