Ice strykewyrm cave
Ice strykewyrm cave
Release date 8 February 2010 (Update)
Kingdom The Fremennik Isles
Members Yes
Main music The Muspah's Tomb
Levels 1
Strongest monster Ice strykewyrm
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed (in the Ice strykewyrm section of the cave only)
Quests taking place here The Tale of the Muspah
Inhabitants Strykewyrm
Ice strykewyrm cave map
Ice strykewyrm cave entrance location

Location of the cave's entrance

The ice strykewyrm cave is an icy cave that features in The Tale of the Muspah. During the quest the player helps Erjolf to melt a lump of ice in the cave, uncovering the Mahjarrat Jhallan.

After the quest the player gains access to eastern chamber of the cave, which contains 11 ice strykewyrms.

In order to access the cave, one must block off the streams in the other room.

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