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An Icefiend is a monster found on top of Ice Mountain. During Recipe for Disaster you need to kill one of these to cool down the Rock cake but you can also do this with the Ice gloves. You may also be assigned to kill some for a Slayer assignment from a Slayer Master. During the quest, Perils of Ice Mountain, the player is assigned to capture baby icefiends for a gnome named Professor Arblenap, who is trying to save them from extinction. They generally hit higher than other monsters their level. At the God Wars Dungeon, the Icefiends can hit up to 15 on Aviansies.

Icefiends are one of the monsters that more commonly drop Water talisman which is used in summoning to create Geyser titan pouches.

A level 17 version can be found in the God Wars Dungeon.


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File:Icefiend New Look.gif

An Icefiend.

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