Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Race Cyclops
Members Yes
Quest NPC Yes
Location(s) Eastern Cyclosis
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Khan of Cyclosis.
Ichi location
Ichi chathead

Ichi is a cyclops that is located on the eastern part of Cyclosis. He is the Khan of Cyclosis and plays a role in the Eye For An Eye miniquest where the player is tasked to assist in Cyclosis' zyclops problem.


  • His name is a reference to the Japanese word for one (壱), pronounced "ichi", which is in turn a reference to his single eye.
  • He mentions that his people know Bandos as the 'Three-eyed Craven'. This may be a reference to the A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones 'Three-eyed Raven'.
Arc Chapter 2 update post header

Ichi appearing in the Arc batch 2's update banner