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Icicle is a trap that Nex attacks with in the Nex: Angel of Death fight after Glacies has been killed and Nex reaches around 1,800,800 life points.

Nex stuns a random amount of players, increasing with the size of the team (a maximum of two players in a team of 7), and traps them with this icicle. Smaller icicles also appear in a 5x5 range around the targeted players, damaging and stunning anyone apart from the targeted player in this range. Players directly standing next to the imprisoned player take 5000 typeless damage; players standing farther away take 1666.

After the icicle imprisons a player, they are prevented from attacking, their defensive abilities (aside from Anticipation, Freedom and Preparation) are disabled and put on cooldown, and Surge, Escape, Barge, and Bladed Dive are put on a 20 second cooldown.

The imprisoned players' teammates can attack the icicle, but if the icicle is not destroyed in time, when the icicle recedes, the affected players are bled for 2000 melee damage, which increases to 3,000 if they stand adjacent to another player. If the icicle has over 30,000 life points remaining, the player takes 6 bleeds for a total of 12,000 damage. At 20,000 life points, it inflicts 5 bleeds (10,000 damage), and below 20,000 life points, 4 bleeds (8,000 damage). Despite the bleed being a melee hit, Deflect Melee, Protect from Melee, and other damage modifiers have no effect against it, nor can Freedom remove it.

Using Freedom before the icicle hits reduces the icicle's health by half, also allowing the targeted player to move away from their teammates to avoid damaging them.

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