Iconis chathead

Iconis is a magic user, specialising in photography. He is located just southwest of Falador, near the hut of the Makeover Mage, whom he is apparently friends with. He is the owner of a small pavilion which allows players to take a picture of their avatar with the use of Iconis' Imp-in-a-box, and use a headshot of themselves as their Forum avatar, as well as a full-body shot of their character which goes in their Adventurer's Log.

Meg's Cases

During Mega May, Iconis played a role in one of the investigations, specifically during The Eastern Mystery - Part 6, in which the Makeover Mage reports some of their sheep missing, and the player has to investigate. You are then redirected to Iconis, as he may have heard something during the crime. He states that he was sleeping in his tent the night prior, but he heard a Highwayman making some noise.


Fittingly, Iconis' name comes from the word "icon" which, from the Ancient Greek "eikōn", means an image or representation.[1] It is also used in computer science as a word for an image representing a program or file, much like the service he provides players.


  • In a sense, Iconis breaks the fourth wall because he talks about the official forums, which is an outside feature of the game itself.
  • If a player tries to take a picture before two hours have passed since their last one an ingame message will come up that says:
    "You will be able to have your picture taken again in -- minutes. You can only have your picture taken once every 2 hours."


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