Idea emote icon
Release date 4 July 2006 (Update)
Members No
Sound Yes
Enhancer Lightning rod hat
Duration 2.3 seconds
Requirements Open the Box of Health at the Stronghold of Security.

The Idea emote is unlocked at the Stronghold of Security. Players must search the Box of Health to unlock the emote. They will also receive 5,000 coins, and all life points and prayer points will be recharged when searching the Box of Health.

It can be enhanced as a reward for the 2016 Hallowe'en event, using the Dark Inspiration skill animation override.


  • Simultaneously "whacking" with an Easter carrot and performing the Idea emote results in the light bulb appearing over a player's head without performing the emote.
  • The 11 January 2010 Patch added sound to this emote, which can be heard in the sound box below.
Audio options icon
Idea emote sound effect
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