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Idol crablets are a type of crablet found in the Arc. Despite being a creature, the crablet acts as a mining resource, allowing players to mine free the golden idol on its back; doing so requires level 98 Mining and grants 5,250 Mining experience. Rarely, one will spawn as an additional crablet in a group of six salty or alaea crablets on an Uncharted Isle. This can happen when returning to your claimed Uncharted Isle.

Mining two golden idols from idol crablets is required to purchase the idol crabletine token from the Waiko Reward Shop, costing two golden idols, 2,500 chimes, and 3 Taijitu.


  • Idol crablets can be considered the rarest mining resource in the game due to their spawning mechanics.
  • Idol crablets currently have the highest Mining level requirements in RuneScape, apart from Dungeoneering skill doors.
  • Claiming an island with an Idol crablet on it will not respawn the crablet when you revisit your island as they spawn randomly with an alaea/Salty crablet colony, so they may spawn again eventually when revisited.
  • Mining an idol crablet prompts a timer above it like other crablets, and it remains even after the idol is taken.
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