Idol of many heads detail

The idol of many heads is a treasure lost on one of 50 Ships Mufassah's many shipwrecked ships. During Rocking Out, Bill Teach tasks the player with retrieving the treasure if they want his mark. It is found by diving near the Dragontooth Island, going down the stairs in the sunken ship, hidden under a pile of mess on a shipwreck. Players will need a crowbar to dig through the pile of planks and silt, in order to obtain the prized idol.

It is labelled Idol when on the deck of the shipwreck with an examine text: An uncovered idol.

When recovered: You recover the fabulous Idol of Many Heads!


  • This may be a reference to the Idol of Many Hands from the computer game The Secret of Monkey Island, which Guybrush Threepwood must steal to prove he is worthy to become a pirate.
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