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Iffie Nitter is an old woman knitting in Thessalia's Fine Clothes store in Varrock. She is the owner of Iffie's Random Costume Shop, and sister of Elsie, who is found in Varrock church. 

Previously, Players could obtain costumes from her by trading in costume points obtained from random event gifts. As of 12 February 2013, players may purchase now-discontinued random event costumes from her for a small fee.

Players that have visited RuneScape Classic can also purchase the classic cape from her for 50,000 coins by asking about her knitting.

Mr. Nitter
Iffie Nitter
Elsie Parks
Fred Parks
Thessalia Nitter


  • The names "Iffie" and "Elsie" are a reference to the "if" and "else" statements used in programming.
  • Her surname, Nitter, is a pun, due to the fact that she knits.


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