Ignore list

The new ignore list interface, as of The Clan Camp update

The Ignore List is a part of Friends List that players can use to block messages from up to 400 specifically-selected players, especially those that the player finds annoying or abusive. It used to be under a separated tab. A player "ignoring" a specific person cannot see that person's text in public or private chat. However, unlike turning Private Chat "off", the player doing the ignoring does not appear offline to the person being ignored. If the person being "ignored" sends a private message to the player however, it will appear as if the message has been sent. In addition if he/she tries to enter your Friends Chat, a message stating that he or she is not allowed to do that will be sent. The ignore feature also blocks trade requests sent by the player who was ignored.

The ignore list has a capacity of 100 names for free players and 400 for members.

If the ignore list is filled to a near-full capacity, glitches will begin to occur in which the phrases and/or words inside the list begin to stack on top of each other.


Old Friends Ignore List Icons

The current and previous versions of the Friends and Ignore List icons

  • Some players used the Ignore list to make personal notes as well as fairy ring codes; however, this is now obsolete due to the 8 July 2009 updates that brought the ability to use Notes.
  • On the 8th of July 2009, along with the Mobilising Armies update, the Ignore list icon has an update to its appearance.
  • On the 8th of July 2009, a glitch was discovered; by clicking 'Add ignore' and adding your own username with a space or underscore before or after it, you were able to add yourself to your ignore list. As a result, any messages you typed were hidden and you were rendered unable to enter your own clan chat. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • As of 1 October 2009, you can no longer write down notes/ add non existing names to your ignore list. Any names that didn't exist before this update on a players ignore list have a star next to the name.
  • Messages sent from a player before being ignored will still be visible to the player who added them to the list.
  • Players on the ignore list can still see messages sent from the player who added them to the list.
  • Somewhere in June 2011, non-existent names (added prior 1 October 2009) were renamed to "#Friendn", where n is a number which indicates the index in the Ignore list, starting from zero.
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