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Ilfeen Ithell is an elf who roams the northern area of the forest of Isafdar. She is a member of the Ithell Clan. She can be found in either the clearing south-east of the Elf Camp or the clearing east of the catapult clearing. Ilfeen teleports between the two locations about every 4 minutes, saying "I have things to do" just before she leaves. During the Prisoner of Glouphrie quest Ilfeen moves to Lletya permanently.

Crystal enchantment

Ilfeen has a deep understanding of crystals. If you have a crystal weapon seed, crystal armour seed, crystal tool seed, or a crystal teleport seed, and have started the Mourning's End Part I quest, Ilfeen can enchant it back to a weapon, shield, tool, or teleport for a price. The price drops by 200,000 coins, 1,500 coins, or 150 coins, respectively, each time you have a seed enchanted; down to a minimum price:

Enchantment Cost for crystal weapons and shields Cost for crystal tools Cost for teleport seeds
First 1,000,000 7,500 750
Second 800,000 6,000 600
Third 600,000 4,500 450
Fourth 400,000 3,000 300
Fifth and thereafter 200,000 1,500 150

Once llfeen enchants a crystal seed at least once into an item she is then able to re-enchant partially degraded crystal equipment, at a proportion of the cost. For example, a Crystal weapon with 90% charges can be recharged back to full condition for 20,000 coins if the minimum recharge cost has already been reached. Crystal tools cannot be partially recharged; they have to be reverted to seed first. A recharge in this manner will not count towards reducing the cost for future re-enchantments.

New bows and wards may also be purchased from Islwyn for 1,000,000 coins without having a seed.

Quest involvement

Ilfeen will give you the book, Crystal of seren, after you complete the Roving Elves quest. She will replace it if you lose it.

Ilfeen also says she is learning how to make crystal halberds but hasn't quite got the melody right yet. If The Path of Glouphrie is completed, you can talk to her and learn more about Oaknock and the crystal saw.

She also features in the Missing, Presumed Death quest.



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Ilfeen argues with Commander Zilyana during Missing, Presumed Death.
  • Ilfeen formerly appeared to be wearing a cape of legends, however in Postbag from the Hedge 9 a player asked: "4. The last time I saw you, you had a legends cape on. Are you a member of the legend's guild? If so, have you been in the area of RuneScape inhabited by humans, because most elves never speak about leaving the elven lands." Ilfeen responded: "4. I know nothing of your human guilds. It is merely coincidence."
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