Script error Ilona is an apprentice of the Wizards' Tower who was originally from Lumbridge. She was kidnapped by Caitlin, formerly a fellow apprentice who had turned to Zamorak, along with two other Zamorakians, Reese and Kayle. They intended to use her to fulfil The Blood Pact and gain access to the secrets of the powerful necromancer Dragith Nurn.

The Blood Pact The Prisoner

Ilona being kidnapped by the three cultists

She was saved by the combined efforts of an adventurer and Xenia, a more seasoned adventurer. She returned to the Wizards' Tower afterwards studying on the tactics to stop herself from being defenceless ever again. Her speciality depends upon the choices made by the adventurer while rescuing her. If Kayle or Caitlin were spared, she studies stun and bind spells in order to incapacitate without killing. If they were killed instead, she studies elemental magic to stop attackers dead in their tracks.

She also has a small role in the Rune Mysteries quest.

Ozan, one of the Signature Heroes, will sometimes say he was out on a date with Ilona and how she kept changing the subject back to the adventurer who saved her instead of him.

During and after the quest Heart of Stone she replaces Xenia in the Lumbridge Cemetery, serving the same role in handing out Caitlin's staff, Kayle's chargebow, Reese's sword, Reese's off-hand sword and the helmet of trials and also buying any remaining demon statuettes, as she feels the need to complete Xenia's collection.

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