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Thurgo, one of the few remaining Imcando dwarves.

The Imcando dwarves are an ancient clan of dwarves, and the descendants of the dwarves that decided to follow Saradomin during the Gielinorian God Wars.[1] The Imcando are skilled smiths, having created the original sword of Sir Vyvin's family in the Knight's Sword. The Imcando are believed to have inhabited Ice Mountain, however after the destruction of the Barbarian invasions they are believed to have scattered throughout Asgarnia. Currently the only two known living Imcando dwarves are Thurgo and Ramarno, who, like the rest of the Imcando dwarves, love redberry pie. Thurgo can be found south of Port Sarim and north of Mudskipper Point, he is also involved in the Knight's Sword quest and the Giant Dwarf quest. Ramarno can be found in The Hall of Camdozaal during and after the Defender of Varrock quest.


The ancestors of Imcando Dwarves were amongst the races brought to Gielinor by Guthix during the First Age. The Imcando existed during the God Wars, the devastation of which lead to their refusal of Zemouregal's, a Mahjarrat, that sought one of their most powerful artefacts, the Shield of Arrav. The Shield of Arrav was an object of incomprehensible power, which had arrived in Gielinor from another world.

The Imcando also had limited contact with the dwarves of Keldagrim, with whom they traded, to some degree.

According to the Azdaran document, the Imcando Dwarves allied themselves with Saradomin during the God Wars, and he granted them a blessing that, among other things, makes them immune to Chaos dwarf transformations. Zamorak had placed a curse on all dwarves which would corrupt their own inherent magical abilities, turning them into chaos dwarves. The dwarves of Keldagrim responded by giving up their ability to use magic, which made the curse dormant. The Imcando dwarves were not vulnerable to the curse since Saradomin had blessed them earlier, and so they retained their ability to use magic.

Arrav of Avarrocka

Arrav, after meeting Zemouregal in the Land of Dreams, was sent by his village's elders to find the mythical Shield of Arrav, in the possession of the Imcando dwarves. After wandering through what would later become Asgarnia, Arrav settled at the foot of a mountain, possibly Ice Mountain where he was greeted by several Imcando. Despite their refusals of knowing the Shield, Arrav stayed with them, hoping to gain their trust. After spending many days with the Imcando and learning their arts of mining and smithing he was refused the Shield.

Some time later, Arrav was given the Shield, which he used to defend Avarrocka (now Varrock) from an army of undead, led by Zemouregal. Amongst those protecting the city were the Imcando, who fought as soldiers and dug trenches. Arrav was killed in the battle, but the Imcando remained friends of Varrock.


Roughly a century ago, during the Barbarian invasions of the years 42-62 in the Fifth Age, the thriving Imcando dwarves were nearly rendered extinct.

The White Knights of Falador had given the Imcando Dwarves many fire and nature runes, allowing them to cast the Superheat Item spell. The Fremennik invaders, who sought to end the use of the newly discovered runestones, attacked the Imcando in their home on Ice Mountain.

Few Imcando escaped the assault. Only Thurgo willingly shows himself today, although he has hinted there are other survivors hidden somewhere.


Up to their destruction the Imcando tribe of Dwarves were particularly skilled in Smithing weaponry, and possibly Mining. As mentioned above the sword of Sir Vyvin, passed down through five generations, was created by the Imcando. For many centuries they were the world's most renowned, and best, smiths. This is shown by Thurgo, who owns a Smithing cape, and also knows about the designs of the Royal crossbow, able to make an unfired version and repairing it. The techniques used by the Imcando were secret, passed down from generation to generation, and any items created by the Imcando are very hard to replicate. The Imcando are among the few races to utilise Blurite, found in the Blurite caves.


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