For the item used on bees, see Insect repellent.
Imp repellent detail

Imp repellent is a potion used in impling netting. Players may receive a bottle for free when speaking with Elnock Inquisitor in Puro-Puro for the first time, among various other important items needed to catch implings.

Imp repellent has two uses:

  • Preventing other imps from pick-pocketing you. If an imp is successful in its picking, it will free one of the captured implings you currently have on you. A higher level in Thieving will prevent most, if not all, attempts of an imp successfully pick-pocketing you.
  • Creating empty impling jars. This item can be used on the lamp oil still in the chemists' house in Rimmington. After doing so, you can use a butterfly jar on the lamp oil still to convert the jar will be converted into an impling jar.


Players can get a vial of imp repellent from Elnock Inquisitor by trading him three baby impling jars, two young impling jars, and one gourmet impling jar.

Imp repellent can also be made by anyone willing to invest the time and resources into making it. The items you will need are:

First, you will need to use the cooked anchovies on the pestle and mortar to create anchovy paste. Make sure you have an empty vial in your inventory, and use the sieve on the anchovy paste. Your vial will be full of anchovy oil. Finally, use the flowers on the anchovy oil, and it will become imp repellent.


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