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Imperial district

The Imperial district of Menaphos

Imperial district map

A map of the Imperial district

The Imperial district is the largest district of Menaphos, and contains the Golden Palace. Its main skill is Woodcutting and features the VIP skilling area. Its associated faction is the Imperial faction whose leader Commander Akhomet (Imperial) is at the foot of the Golden Palace.

Features of district

  • Zahra requests twelve bundles of acadia logs to construct the frame, then asks the player to mine the sandstone boulder and construct the frame, earning Mining and Construction experience, respectively. Thereafter, she agrees to watch over the patch like any member of G.A.G.


Tier Reputation Reward Description
2 6,000
Bank deposit box (Imperial district)
Bank deposit box
Gain access to a bank deposit box within the Imperial district.
3 18,000 Faction head (imperial district) Unlock the faction head for the Imperial district.
4 36,000 Imperial district teleport Unlock the ability to create Imperial district, shifting tombs and Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleportation tablets in your player-owned house.
5 60,000 Faction legs (imperial district) Unlock the faction legs for the Imperial district.
6 90,000
Bank chest (Imperial district)
Bank chest
Gain access to a bank chest within the Imperial district.
7 129,000 Faction body (imperial district) Unlock the faction body for the Imperial district.
8 177,000 Imperial district skilling boost Permanently improve your Woodcutting success rate within the Imperial district when cutting acadia trees. This also affects woodcutting in the VIP skilling area.
9 231,000 'of the imperial district' title Unlock the '[Name] of the Imperial district' title.
10 300,000 Magic carpet Unlock the magic carpet pet from the Imperial district.


Akhomet portrait

Music unlocked


  • Upon examining the Sandstone boulder in the Imperial district, the examine is 'There are probably conspiracy theories about how this large rock got all the way up to the pyramid.' this is likely a reference to the numerous theories and conspiracies about the building of the Egyptian pyramids.
  • Upon examining plants, their examines is 'Curses. Soiled again.' is a reference to the television trope 'Curses, Foiled Again' wich is often used by antagonists in cartoons for kids.
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