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An impious urn can be created at level 2 Crafting and is used with the Prayer skill to help with gaining experience. An air rune must be used on an impious urn (nr) to activate it. The urn fills with experience the player would have earned if the ashes had been scattered instead of collected. The urn is filled when the player would have earned 100 Prayer xp with the urn in inventory. Once the impious urn is full, it can be teleported to Ernie for 120 Prayer experience.

These urns will also collect the ashes of imps that teleport in response to an attack but still take enough damage to be 1-hit killed. Before this item was released, this usually resulted with an imp teleporting somewhere nearby and promptly dying, leaving its drops at an unknown location. The urn will collect ashes from such events, so long as the player actually manages to kill the imp.

Loading the urn
Ashes XP per
per ashes
# of ashes
to fill
Impious ashes.png Impious ashes 4 4% 25


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The monsters the impious urn will gather ashes from include: