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In Memory of the Myreque
Memorial to the Myreque (empty).png
Release date 11 April 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Myreque quest series
Developer(s) Mod Rowley
Age Fifth Age
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In Memory of the Myreque[1] is a miniquest released on 11 April 2016 to precede the release of River of Blood. During the miniquest, the player builds monuments to honour allies lost in the Myreque quest series.

The finished statues act as altars, which give five extra Prayer points per statue built. Completion of In Memory of the Myreque is a requirement for obtaining the master quest cape and completionist cape.


Start pointQuest map icon.png Talk to Veliaf Hurtz, north-west of the Canifis lodestone.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest.png Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Reunion with Veliaf

Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png

To start the miniquest, speak to Veliaf Hurtz in the graveyard north of Canifis, next to the sundial. He will explain that he wishes to build statues around the sundial to remember his fallen comrades, and that he will build a plinth for a new statue every day, starting after the day you first speak to him.

After Veliaf builds a plinth, you may build a statue on it by using two 5kg blocks of granite, which may be mined in the Desert Quarry by the Bandit Camp lodestone or purchased on the Grand Exchange. Building all ten statues requires twenty blocks of granite in total.

After a statue is built, it must be decorated with a blisterwood sickle and a specific item significant to the Myreque member being honoured. You may speak to Veliaf and ask him about adding items to learn which one is required for that day. With the exception of the blisterwood crossbow and the holy water, all of these items may be gathered within Morytania.


Myreque member Object of reverence How to obtain Statue image
Sani Piliu chathead.png Sani Piliu Blamish blue shell (pointed).png Pointed blamish blue shell Bruise Blamish Snail with pointy shells can be found near The Hollows and during Temple Trekking. Sani Piliu statue.png
Harold Evans chathead.png Harold Evans Nail beast nails.png Nail beast nails Nail beasts are only encountered during Temple Trekking and always drop several nails. Harold Evans statue.png
Andiess Juip chathead.png Andiess Juip Snakeskin body.png Snakeskin body Swamp snakes can be encountered during Temple Trekking and skinned for their hides. These can be tanned by Sbott in Canifis. Fifteen are needed to craft a snakeskin body; Fidelio, also in Canifis, sells needle and thread. Andiess Juip statue.png
Flaygian Screwte chathead.png Flaygian Screwte Ivandis flail.png Ivandis flail A chain link mould can be found in the Meiyerditch Myreque base, and a rod clay mould can be made by using a piece of soft clay on Ivandis Seergaze's tomb in The Hollows. The Abandoned Mine has clay, coal and mithril veins, while Temple Trekking reward tokens can be used for silver bars. Sapphires and emeralds can be obtained from monster drops or big net fishing for caskets, and runes for enchantment spells can be received as drops from skeletal hands. With the use of the furnace in Port Phasmatys, Burgh de Rott or Meiyerditch, the flail can then be crafted, see here for detailed instructions. Flaygian Screwte statue.png
Kael Forshaw chathead.png Kael Forshaw Rune boots.png Rune boots These are only dropped by Nechryael, which can be found in the Slayer Tower. Kael Forshaw statue.png
Mekritus A'hara chathead.png Mekritus A'hara Mort myre pear.png Mort myre pear A blessed sickle or Ivandis flail are required to obtain these by casting Bloom near empty bushes in Mort Myre. It may take several attempts and the process drains prayer points. Mekritus A'hara statue.png
Radigad Ponfit chathead.png Radigad Ponfit Moonlight mead.png Moonlight mead Moonlight mead is sold by Roavar in the Hair of the Dog in Canifis. Alternatively, there is a brewery in Port Phasmatys. Radigad Ponfit statue.png
Vertida Sefalatis chathead.png Vertida Sefalatis Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow.png Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow Silver bars can be obtained from Temple Trekking, mithril ore and coal from the Abandoned Mine. There are furnaces in Phasmatys, Meiyerditch and Burgh de Rott. Blisterwood can be obtained in the Darkmeyer arboretum. Crossbow strings cannot be obtained inside Morytania due to the lack of a spinning wheel, so you may wish to use one elsewhere or simply buy one on the Grand Exchange. Vertida Sefalatis statue.png
Polmafi Ferdygris chathead.png Polmafi Ferdygris Histories of the Hallowland.png Histories of the Hallowland A copy of this book can be found in the hidden Paterdomus library, or from the bookshelf in your Player-owned house. Polmafi Ferdygris statue.png
Safalaan chathead.png Safalaan Hallow Holy water.png Holy water A blessed gold bowl (or a regular gold bowl and a bull roarer to summon Gujuo), any machete, a book of binding and at least one empty vial are required to create holy water, which requires going to the Kharazi Jungle. Safalaan Hallow statue.png

An additional two plinths were added on 4 May 2016 for all players who have completed the miniquest. Currently they cannot be built upon, as Veliaf says they are reserved for Ivan and himself.

After completion of River of Blood, players can speak to Veliaf to inform him that Safalaan is alive. After speaking to him, he will teleport to the top of Castle Drakan.


Concept art of the memorial


  • Myreque in Memoriam (RuneScore.png 15) - Complete construction of the Myreque memorial and help Veliaf to move on.

Early Bird Bonus

Players who completed statues between 12 April and 8 May 2016 received an Early Bird Bonus. Paying respects at each of the statues granted 1/40 of the total fixed experience rewarded from the Myreque quest series. Players could choose whether to gain combat experience or not when paying respects for the first time. The early bird reward for one statue was:

  • 725 Agility experience
  • 65 Attack experience
  • 15 Constitution experience
  • 1,950 Construction experience
  • 665 Crafting experience
  • 65 Defence experience
  • 500 Farming experience
  • 1,000 Fletching experience
  • 1,250 Hunter experience
  • 950 Magic experience
  • 50 Mining experience
  • 1,925 Slayer experience
  • 65 Strength experience
  • 150 Thieving experience
  • 1,250 Woodcutting experience

Paying respects at all ten statues in April 2016 gave the following 106,250 experience in total:

  • 7,250 Agility experience
  • 650 Attack experience
  • 150 Constitution experience
  • 19,500 Construction experience
  • 6,650 Crafting experience
  • 650 Defence experience
  • 5,000 Farming experience
  • 10,000 Fletching experience
  • 12,500 Hunter experience
  • 9,500 Magic experience
  • 500 Mining experience
  • 19,250 Slayer experience
  • 650 Strength experience
  • 1,500 Thieving experience
  • 12,500 Woodcutting experience



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