Incomplete hydrix detail

Incomplete hydrix is an uncut gem that can be bought from the Soul Reaper rewards shop for 300 reaper points. When combined with a cut onyx, this becomes an uncut hydrix, which is used to make the amulet of souls, deathtouch bracelet, reaper necklace, ring of death, and Book of Death. The enchanted jewellery can be recharged by 50% for each cut onyx used on them; the Book of Death is recharged by 25% with each death notes.

The incomplete hydrix can be sold for 26,373,818 each, making it worth 87,912.73 coins per reaper point. This is in comparison to death notes (costing 40 reaper points), which are worth 47,998.88 coins per reaper point.

An incomplete hydrix can be given to Kelhar. This will let you kill up to 4,000 dragonstone, onyx or hydrix dragons. This makes each kill worth 6,593 coins each if an incomplete hydrix is given to him.


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