Incubator (egg)
Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Taverley, Yanille
Examine It incubates eggs.

An incubator is a Summoning related object found in the Taverley and Yanille pet shops. Players with eggs may incubate their eggs there in order to grow them into pets. To do this, one has to use the egg on the incubator and wait. The incubation timer will only progress while the player is in-game; once logged out, the timer will stop and the egg will be no closer to hatching until the player returns. After this period, one can take the hatched pet out of the incubator. As of an update on 27 January, 2014, the incubator sends a message when it has completed.

Some of the eggs players can place in an incubator are as follows:

Summoning level Egg Obtained from... Hatches into... Incubation time
30 Penguin egg Penguin keeper at Ardougne Zoo Penguin pet 30 minutes
50 Raven egg Birds' nests Raven 60 minutes
70 Bird's egg Birds' nests God birds 60 minutes
85 Vulture egg Dropped by vultures Vulture pet 60 minutes
90 Chameleon egg Spawn on Cairn Isle Chameleon 60 minutes
99 Dragon egg Dropped by adult chromatic dragons Baby dragon pets 60 minutes
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