Indepedence Day Celebration
July 4th event.png
Release date 4 July 2014 (Update)
End date See article (Update)
Reward Sam's hat
Head developer Andrew E
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by N/A

Independence Day Celebrations are small holiday events celebrating American Independence Day, and have been happening annually since 2014.

2014 event

It began on 4 July 2014, and took place west of the Cooks' Guild in Varrock. The event area contained four large feast tables, three barbeques which provided 15% extra Cooking experience when cooked on, and a bank chest. Two guards guarded the area, and Sam the wandering merchant ran a small toy store that offered the same stock as Diango's Toy Store, as well as the event-exclusive item known as Liber tea.

2015 event

Although less grand then 2014, Sam and his stall returned in 2015 with a new character model to the Lumbridge Crater Beach. He could be found next to the bank chest by the sandcastles.

2016 event

The event ran between 2 July and 5 July 2016 and took place west of the Cooks' Guild in Varrock. It functioned similarly to the 2014 event.

Balloon drop

Every 45 minutes, a balloon drop with blue, red and white party balloons occurs, similarly to one in the Falador Party Room. Popping them may provide the event-exclusive Sam's hat. The balloon drops are not synchronised across multiple worlds, and balloons can only be popped while you have a free inventory space.

Ironman accounts can only receive the hat from the balloons.


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