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The Infernals were the ruling demons of Infernus until their subordinates, the Chthonians, rose up and rebelled.[1] These are said to have eaten the Infernals under leadership of Hostilius.

Bilrach was interested in searching for the Infernals and may have found them when he came across the Kal'Gerion Demons in an unknown plane. So far, the Kal'Gerion are the only known Infernals[source needed].


  1. ^ Palkeera, "Palkeera's memory", RuneScape. "The earliest race - at least, that I know of - were the Infernals, and though I do not think they were the original rulers of their planet, they were at their height the undisputed masters of the demon races. Thousands of years ago, the Chthonian race rose up, overthrew the Infernals, and took their place as overlords"
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