Infernal urn (full) detail

The infernal urn (full) is an item made by filling an infernal urn with either impious ashes, accursed ashes, or infernal ashes. It can be teleported to Ernie by clicking it, giving 1875 Prayer experience. When the urn is teleported, the player gets the message, "You activate the rune on the urn and it is teleported away. You gain 1,875 Prayer XP."

Crafting and teleporting an infernal urn requires at least 62 Crafting.

Although they grant a considerable amount of Prayer experience, they have no minimum Prayer level requirement. A player may have up to 10 full urns in their inventory/bank at a time. Currently, if a player attempts to start a new urn with 10 full urns in their inventory/bank, the player will receive a message saying "You should get rid of some of your prayer urns before starting a new one."

A full urn can also be given to Ernie manually by using the item on him, or through a chat option while having a full urn in the inventory.


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