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The inferno adze is a combined hatchet and pickaxe that can be obtained as a reward from the All Fired Up minigame by having all fourteen beacons lit at the same time. Completion of the All Fired Up quest and level 92 Firemaking are required to obtain the inferno adze; additionally, there are several lesser requirements, which are listed below. The adze functions as a dragon hatchet when used to cut trees, and as a rune pickaxe when used to mine ores.

When using the adze to cut trees, there is a chance for the adze to instantly burn any logs received, for Woodcutting and Firemaking experience. Level 92 Firemaking is needed to wield the adze. Using the adze as a hatchet or pickaxe requires 61 Woodcutting and 41 Mining. The inferno adze cannot be added to the tool belt. Anything other than the dragon, crystal, or the imcando pickaxe will be replaced with the adze if it is equipped or placed in a players' inventory.

It is required for the completion of the Varrock Elite task "It All Adze Up".

Combat Stats
RequirementsInferno adze equipped.png
92 Firemaking
Attack.png MeleeMain hand slot.png
Fast (3.0s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


To obtain the Inferno adze, players must light all fourteen beacons simultaneously, then speak to King Roald while the beacons are lit. Boosts can be used to obtain the inferno adze; however, the effect will not activate nor will you be able to wield it unless you have level 92 Firemaking. The following is required to light all fourteen beacons:

The above items are required to repair various objects related to the beacons, and are only needed once. In addition to the above requirements, there are a number of recommended and optional quests, skill levels, and items that are useful for lighting the beacons. These may be found here.

The requirement of level 92 Firemaking may be boosted with a spicy stew in order to light the final beacon at the Frozen Waste Plateau. However, a Firemaking boost will not allow players to wield the inferno adze. It can still be used as a hatchet or pickaxe if kept in the inventory, but the adze's special effect will not activate.

Players can only have one inferno adze at a time, and players who lose their inferno adze must re-light all fourteen beacons at once and speak to King Roald to receive another.

Special effect

A player using the inferno adze to cut a tree.

When the inferno adze is used as a hatchet to chop a tree, in addition to cutting with the rate of a dragon hatchet, there is a 1/3 chance that the adze's heat will instantly incinerate any logs that it cuts, leaving behind no ashes and granting full Woodcutting and Firemaking experience for cutting and burning the logs. Firemaking experience gained in this manner is affected by the flame gloves and ring of fire, but not by a penance horn. When the adze incinerates logs, a chat box message is displayed. The incineration effect will take place when cutting curly roots.

No special effect occurs when the adze is used as a pickaxe to mine ore, it simply acts as an ordinary rune pickaxe.

The inferno adze's incineration effect can make it a useful tool for Woodcutting and Firemaking training. Because some of the logs are incinerated, a player can chop more logs before their inventory fills up and can stay at trees longer without having to bank, resulting in a greater amount of Woodcutting experience per hour. Firemaking experience is also gained as a bonus, with no extra effort required. The downside is that it takes more time to gather a certain amount of logs, which could be detrimental for players who are cutting logs for money, such as magic logs or elder logs, or gathering logs to use for Fletching or other activities. The Firemaking experience gained from incineration is also only equivalent to lighting a new bonfire, which is significantly less than the experience that could be gained from adding the logs to an existing bonfire or portable brazier instead. As such, players could simply light a bonfire and add logs in their inventory to the fire as an alternative to using the adze, yielding a greater amount of Firemaking experience and still reducing or eliminating the need to bank as desired. However, the adze can still be a convenient option for players training Woodcutting who don't care about the amount of Firemaking experience gained by incineration.

Incinerated logs do still count toward fulfilling Daily Challenges for Firemaking and Woodcutting even though the player doesn't actually get any logs, so in order to turn in a Woodcutting challenge the player will need to obtain some extra logs after they've completed the challenge if they choose to chop with the adze.

The incineration effect does not activate when chopping at divine locations.

Required for completing

Talking to King Roald while having the adze equipped is a requirement for the following:


  • If both a hatchet and an inferno adze are in a player's inventory, the player will use the best hatchet available instead of the inferno adze. However if a dragon hatchet or lower is present on a player's tool belt and an adze is in their possession, they will use the adze instead of the hatchet whether or not the adze is in the inventory or being wielded.
  • If a crystal hatchet is on the player's tool belt, it will take priority over the adze unless the adze is being wielded.
  • Attempting to use the adze to cut trees on Miscellania or Etceteria results in the message "I don't think I should use the Inferno Adze in here, since there is a chance I might set the logs on fire." The adze also cannot be used to mine stone slabs.
  • If a player cuts two regular logs at once using a Seer's headband and the inferno adze's special effect activates, both logs will be burnt but Firemaking experience will only be granted for one.
  • The inferno adze's requirement of 92 Firemaking was the highest skill level needed to wield any piece of equipment, excluding the skillcapes, before the introduction of elite achievements.
  • Max, seller of the max cape, uses an inferno adze to cut down a tree from a tree patch.
  • The adze will not burn any scrapey tree logs or regular logs cut during the Trouble Brewing minigame.
  • In a player's inventory, the adze will appear with a different colour scheme versus being wielded. This is due to a graphical bug pertaining to the item.