Infinity ethereal outfit equipped

The infinity ethereal outfit is a Runecrafting outfit that is acquired from combining the Law ethereal, Blood ethereal, and Death ethereal outfits. The outfits can be created by combining 54,000 rune ethereal fragments. Once the infinity ethereal outfit is created, it is impossible to disassemble the combined pieces. Pieces of the outfit will work with any non-combined pieces from other ethereal outfits as long as all other pieces are of the same outfit. Each piece of the Infinity ethereal outfit can be recoloured to Law, Blood, Death, and Infinity.

Should any piece of the outfit be lost or destroyed, it may be reclaimed from Diango, Ianto or Azibo.

Set effects

When the full set is worn, it has the following effects:

Should the yellow wizard teleport away as the player is talking, the game will offer a free teleport to the Wizard's new location so the player can finish giving runes. After receiving experience from turning in runes, the player will be offered a free teleport back to where he or she was before teleporting. One should be cautious before denying a teleport back in favour of a new platform because the player can be teleported to an island that only has transport platforms that the player does not have the level to use and become trapped.

Outfit pieces

Infinity ethereal head Infinity ethereal head
Infinity ethereal body Infinity ethereal body
Infinity ethereal legs Infinity ethereal legs
Infinity ethereal hands Infinity ethereal hands
Infinity ethereal feet Infinity ethereal feet
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