This article is about the material used in the Artisans Workshop. For the resource used in the Clan Citadel and referred to as "ingots" in behind the scenes, see Precious metal bars.
Artisans Workshop furnace interface

The interface for the furnace to smelt ingots.

Ingots are items made by the player in the Artisans Workshop, to be used to make many different items such as burial armour, mine cart tracks, ceremonial swords, and repairing cannons. Ingots come in 4 qualities, 1 (I), 2 (II), 3 (III), and 4 (IV), the IV variant being the purest and the I type being the least pure. The only exception are bronze ingots, which only exist as Bronze ingot I. Free players can smith Grade I to III, while members can smith all 4 grades.

When the smelter interface is opened, it will offer the grades and metals of each ingot available, along with the number of ores at hand. This number does not count the ones in your inventory, nor the required amount. Instead, it shows the max amount it can hold at one time, allowing for power smithing. The user is required to input their bank PIN upon logging in and attempting to use it.

Boosts can not be used to create ingots of a higher level than that which the player has.

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