Not to be confused with instance.
Instance world death interface

Items kept on death interface on an instance world.

An instance shard world is a world (or server) sharded off from the rest of the servers. A player cannot access an instanced shard world except through specific means such as activating a trigger or teleporting to said location.

RuneScape's first instanced shard world takes place in the form of the updated Tzhaar Fight Pits. When players choose to play "globally", the players are taken to a world which cannot be accessed from the world select screen. This world is referred to as an instance shard world, and one cannot teleport out of it. Upon being disconnected, you are returned to the cave entrance and told "This world no longer exists."

Players can also access an instance shard world through Clan Citadels. When a player accesses the Clan Citadels portal, they are taken to the shard world specifically designed for their clan. Every clan has their own personal shard world, which allows multiple clans to co-exist on the same map without interfering with each other. This allows clan mates, regardless of their actual world number, to interact with each other at their citadels.

Players see this term when trying to teleport out of their Clan Citadels or when playing globally in the Tzhaar Fight Pits; this is impossible, as in order to leave the shard, you must leave through the only entrance: the Citadel portal or cave entrance respectively. Attempting to teleport leaves you with a message stating "You cannot teleport from an instance shard world."

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  • The term "shard" refers to a splinter server, compared easily to a piece of wood or rock shard splintering off from the main object.
  • Logging on to Old School RuneScape will display them as World 179-189. You can also see this if a friend goes into one of the instanced worlds and you check your Friends list, Clan chat, etc.