This article is about the second track. For the other tracks, see Invaders Must Die.
Invaders Must Die II (#928)
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Release date 4 March 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Location The World Wakes
Quest The World Wakes
Unlock hint This track unlocks during The World Wakes quest.
Duration 02:57
Composer Michael M
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Invaders Must Die II is a music track that unlocks during The World Wakes quest. It is unlocked in the Storage Room battles. It can be unlocked in any order alongside Invaders Must Die I and Invaders Must Die III.

This track also plays during the Guthixian Caches Distraction & Diversion, however it will not be unlocked there for players who haven't previously unlocked it during The World Wakes quest.


  • The name of this song and it's two counterparts may be a reference to the song 'Invaders Must Die' by British electronic dance music group The Prodigy.
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