Invention Guild flag

The Invention Guild is located north-east of Falador, immediately south-west of the entrance to the Dwarven Mine and north of the Gamers' Grotto entrance. An Invention level of 1 is required to enter the guild.

Players have access to a Human divination workshop with an Inventor's workbench at level 1, and then choose between a Cave goblin tech tree and workshop, and a Dwarven tech tree and workshop at level 40.

With the release of Invention Batch 2 on 18 September 2017, players can access the back room of the guild located to the north of the workshop. Here, machines can be built on six hotspots and a generator in the center of the north wall. Machines can automate several tasks that the player would normally do themselves. For example, the Alchemiser can perform High-level Alchemy on a stash of deposited items. The machines will continue to operate even when the player is not logged on (as long as the required materials and machine charge are present).

Beast of Burden inventory is not accessible while in the guild.




  • There are unreleased modifications for the hand cannon found on top of the crane, by the well near Doc, and on the shelves in the machine area of the guild.
  • There was a planned action to have machines spread across the overworld map. This has since been dropped due to player complaining.
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