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Invention Tutorial is a mandatory introduction players must go through to start using Invention.


Start pointQuest map icon Inventor's Guild
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyNovice Tutorial
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
  • 80 Crafting
  • 80 Divination
  • 80 Smithing
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Starting up

Start the tutorial by speaking to Doc in the Invention Workshop. The player and Doc have a conversation about the use of divine energy in manufacturing. Doc will then invite you to use his Inventor's workbench.

Doc will give you two required tools, inventor's tools and a bag of materials, which are automatically put on your tool belt.


Doc will direct you to his parts bin, where you find Doc's rotten timber and Doc's old clothes. You will then be instructed to disassemble them. You can do this by opening up your magic abilities interface and use the disassemble ability under the skilling tab. Alternatively, you can also disassemble items by dragging them into the Invention pouch icon next to the bond pouch. Players will also be told about the analyse ability, which tells you what you can gain from disassembling an item. Disassemble the two items to obtain 150 cover parts and 150 simple parts, which will be stored in the bag of materials.


The player will ask Doc if they may use the workbench again. Use the workbench's discover option and drag the the charge pack blueprints into the interface. 5 of the 10 potential modules are required to create the item. Choose 5 of the modules and use the prototype option to check if they are the correct ones. Incorrect modules will have a cross displayed over them; continue trying different modules until the correct ones have been identified.

After finding the five required modules players can optimise the amount of experience gained in unlocking the ability to create charge packs by arranging the required modules in the correct order. After adding 5 modules the player will be told the optimisation rating. The rating ranges from:

Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent Perfect

with "poor" being a bad combination of the modules, "perfect" being the best combination of the modules, with "satisfactory", "good" and "excellent" in between. The required modules and optimisation ratings are random for each player. To progress through the tutorial the player must simply invent the charge pack; optimisation is not required.

Discovering the blueprint for the charge pack awards 200 Invention XP. Now the player can manufacture charge packs; use the workbench's manufacture option to create one. It will use 100 simple parts and 100 cover parts from your bag of materials and give 420 Invention XP.

Click the charge pack to add it to your tool belt. It can be used for items that require charges to power them. This grants 150 XP, bringing you to level 2.


Doc tells you about an idea of augmenting equipment. You will be inspired to create an augmentor. Go to the workbench and finish the blueprints as before, gaining 250 XP. The player will tell Doc that they believe divine energy is needed to manufacture an augmentor.

Doc will hand you 2000 Pale energy and direct you to take parts from his parts bin. Grab Doc's broken dagger, Doc's cracked orb and Doc's broken shieldbow and disassemble them. Make the augmentor at the workbench (gaining 495 Invention XP and 100 Divination XP). The player will show the augmentor to Doc and suggest that they augment a weapon. Doc will then hand you purple flowers to augment. Use the augmentor on the flower to create augmented flowers. Use the check right-click option on the augmented flowers to see information about their level.


The player will be inspired to create a gizmo shell to add perks to their equipment. Discover a gizmo using the same process as before, then manufacture a weapon gizmo shell. Click the weapon gizmo shell to add materials to it. Select materials to fill the slots on the inferface and then create the perk. The player will obtain a weapon gizmo containing a perk and Invention experience dependent on the materials used. Use the weapon gizmo on the augmented flowers to add your perk to them.


Invention Tutorial reward



  • At the point when you are supposed to augment the purple flowers, the screen darkens and no other option may be taken, except logging out which would remove this state, but you still won't be able to augment anything other than the purple flowers.
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