Not to be confused with Investigator uniform.

The Investigator's outfit is a set of clothes which are rewarded for the completion of Cryptic Clue Fest II. You also may claim the outfit from Roddeck as a previous reward.

The set is made up of a hat, top and bottoms. It was first noticed using the quick-chat and then was seen in a POH toy box.

The set was originally released on 19 August 2010. However due to puzzles which were needed to complete the clues, the set was not obtained until the 24 August 2010; as many players found out who the author was before the final clue was released by talking to every non-player character that was F2P, as this is both a F2P and P2P event. If destroyed, Diango will replace each piece of the set.


Investigator's outfit equipped

A male player wearing the Investigator outfit.

The pieces of this set have no bonuses.

Investigator's hatInvestigator's hat
Investigator's coatInvestigator's coat
Investigator's trousersInvestigator's trousers


  • The hat appears to have a clock on it, set at 1:40.
  • The coat appears to have a backpack pre-added, though other back pieces can be worn. (ie. Ava's devices and capes, etc.)
  • There is a glitch where if you wear the Investigator's Trousers and rest, you will start floating.
  • There is a glitch that when running the hat appears to appear in front of your face but then quickly goes back.
  • There is a glitch when doing the goblin emotes when you can see the hat thicker around the face.
  • When wearing the coat with the amulet of fury or the ice amulet , the coat seems to overlap the amulet.
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