Invigorate aura detail

Invigorate is a tier 1 aura that can be bought from the Loyalty Programme Shop for 5,000 Membership Loyalty Points. When using this aura, 2.5% adrenaline will be maintained after using an Ultimate ability. This effect stacks with the ring of vigour.

In legacy mode, it increases the amount of special restored from 10% to 12% every 30 seconds.

It is activated for 1 hour and has a cooldown time of 3 hours. Also, as with all auras, if the account using it is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer will continue to run out.

This aura can be upgraded to the greater invigorate aura for another 16,000 Loyalty points.

Tier Loyalty point cost
Individual Cumulative
1 Invigorate auraInvigorate5,0005,000
2 Greater invigorate auraGreater invigorate16,000 21,000
3 Master invigorate auraMaster invigorate36,500 57,500
4 Supreme invigorate auraSupreme invigorate57,500115,000
Aura stats
Loyalty points
Aura equipped
Tier Slot
1 Aura slot
Duration 1 hour
Cooldown 3 hours
After using an Ultimate ability, retain 2.5% of your adrenaline.
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