Iona chathead

Iona Ithell is an elven child in the lodge of Lletya. She is a member of the Ithell Clan. She can easily be found in Lletya square playing tag with her brother, Eoin. When spoken with, she complains that she cannot ever catch Eoin because he is always fast, and that she is always 'It' when they play tag with each other. Like all elven names, Iona's name is derived from Welsh; it is a common female name in Wales. According to her mother, Mawrth, she is 34 years old, although that is of child age for elves, as elves live longer and age more slowly than humans.



  • Iona was originally male, and the brother of Eoin. With the elven graphical update, Iona changed genders. Now she is female, and the sister of Eoin.
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