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*[[Iron mace]] [[File:Iron mace.png|Iron mace]]
*[[Iron mace]] [[File:Iron mace.png|Iron mace]]
*[[Iron pickaxe]] [[File:Iron pickaxe.png|Iron pickaxe]]
*[[Iron pickaxe]] [[File:Iron pickaxe.png|Iron pickaxe]]
*[[Iron scimitar]] [[File:Iron scimitar.PNG|Iron scimitar]]
*[[Iron scimitar]] [[File:Iron scimitar.png|Iron scimitar]]
*[[Iron spear]] [[File:Iron spear.png|Iron spear]]
*[[Iron spear]] [[File:Iron spear.png|Iron spear]]
*[[Iron sword]] [[File:Iron sword.png|Iron sword]]
*[[Iron sword]] [[File:Iron sword.png|Iron sword]]

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Iron armour concept art

Iron armour concept art

Iron equipment is the next strongest equipment to use after bronze equipment, and requires level 10 Attack to wield weapons and level 10 Defence to wear armour. As with all things iron, the equipment has a dull grey colour.


Iron weapons are stronger than bronze weapons, but weaker than steel weapons. There are no extra requirements to wield an iron weapon other than level 10 Attack. While iron is slightly more expensive than bronze, many low-level players use it often as it is still fairly cheap and the equipment can be created with a fairly low smithing level.
File:RS Classic Iron Weapons.png

Melee weapons

Ranged weapons


Iron armour set (lg) equipped

A full set of iron armour

Iron armour is the second-lowest quality armour on the standard metal armour spectrum (bronze to dragon).

In regard to iron items, Ava's attractor collects such items and places them into your backpack inventory.
File:RS Classic Iron Armour.png
Iron medium helmet 622 coins 1 Iron bar
Iron square shield 3,720 coins 2 Iron bars
Iron full helmet 584 coins 2 Iron bars
Iron chainbody 4,220 coins 3 Iron bars
Iron kiteshield 3,308 coins 3 Iron bars
Iron platelegs 1,696 coins 3 Iron bars
Iron plateskirt 990 coins 3 Iron bars
Iron platebody 4,426 coins 5 Iron bars
Iron boots 542 coins Dropped by Cave slime or Cockatrices
Iron gloves 325 coins Culinaromancer's Chest
Iron defender Dropped by cyclopes in the Warriors' Guild.
Iron gauntlets 30 Fist of Guthix tokens new or Script error coins worn-out


  • Some on-the-go pkers will buy iron armour sets since they provide some defence and are not costly to replace.

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