An iron Minotaur is a summonable familiar released with introduction of the Summoning skill. It requires Level 46 Summoning, an Iron minotaur pouch and 9 Summoning points to summon.

Iron minotaur pouch


An iron minotaur pouch can be created with a blue charm, iron bar and 125 spirit shards.
The Iron Minotaur has the following uses:

  • Combat (Combat level 70)
  • Iron Bull Rush (6 Special attack points, requires Iron bull rush scroll) which can deal up to 60 damage, as well as stunning the opponent.

Iron bull rush scroll

Bull Rush

A player using the bull rush attack (common to minotaurs)



  • If you are wearing Guthan's helm, your minotaur will threaten you by saying, "Listen, no-horns, you have two choices: take off the horns yourself or I'll headbutt you until they fall off".
  • In the novel Return to Canifis, an iron minotaur is summoned to save the escaping survivors from Hope Rock.
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