Iron spit detail

Iron spits are items made with the Smithing skill by using an iron bar on an anvil (a hammer is required) with a Smithing level of at least 17. This provides 25 Smithing experience. They are used to cook foods such as roast bird meat, raw beast meat (from kebbits), cooked chompy, and rabbits. You can get the raw food by using the Hunter skill to catch animals. To cook the raw meat, be sure to have at least a Firemaking level of 20 and the use the meat on the iron spit, and then on a fire.

One is needed for Recipe for Disaster.

Keep in mind that an iron spit will break after a while, so it is advisable to take more than one if you intend to use it. Iron spits can be bought from other players, through the Grand Exchange, or be forged from iron bars.


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