Isafdar Conflicts
Elven Civil War
Approx. 1930 Fourth Age - 1 Sixth Age
Clan leaders and rebel elves driven into hiding
Tyras army arrive south of Isafdar
Death of King Tyras
Iorwerth Clan Remains of the other Elven Clans, King Tyras' army
Lord Iorwerth, Morvran Arianwyn, King Tyras, General Hining
Unknown Unknown
Unknown, presumed to be low Exact figures unknown, high
Previous battle
Battle of Prifddinas
Next battle
Ardougne Revolution

The Isafdar Conflicts occurred after the Battle of Prifddinas in the Elven Civil War.

After the defeat of the Elven Clans at Prifddinas, the Iorwerth Clan began hunting down the remnants of the elves that had tried to retake the city. This led to a long and drawn out struggle in which the rebel elves were driven to near extermination, and forced to hide in the deep forest around the area. They settled in Lletya, which served as a lodge for the elves seeking refuge from Iorwerth's men.

As a result of this, the seven other Clan leaders went into hiding across Isafdar. Alongside this, the well loved human King Tyras of Kandarin allied himself with the rebel elves, hoping to defeat Lord Iorwerth. However, the Iorwerth were able to murder him and thus trap his army in the south of Isafdar.

During the Sixth Age, the seven Clan leaders united to face the Iorwerth underneath Prifddinas. They successfully defeated the Dark Lord, a evil, mysterious being worshipped by the Iorwerth, and restored Prifddinas to its previous state.


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