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Islwyn Cadarn is an elf who serves as the main character in the Roving Elves quest. He is the son of Eirlys Cadarn and the grandson of Queen Glarial and King Baxtorian. He used to be rather hostile towards humans and gnomes due to what he perceived as the desecration of his grandmother's tomb, as during the Waterfall Quest the player removes his grandmother's ashes from their tomb. During the Roving Elves quest, players agree to plant a crystal tree within the Waterfall Dungeon so that the ashes are properly protected in their new location. The player's aid in the consecration of his grandparents' new tomb changed his attitude, and Islwyn will be considerably more cheerful.

Upon completion of Roving Elves, he will sell players new Crystal equipment without the need of crystal seeds. He will sell players a new crystal bow for 1,000,000 coins or a new Crystal ward for 1,000,000 coins. The "new" bow or shield can be traded until it is used once. After The Light Within, he will additionally enchant crystal items in Prifddinas and will also enchant crystal teleport seeds to allow travel to the Temple of Light in the event that the player didn't let Eluned enchant it before The Light Within.

Despite his heritage, he has no desire to take over leadership of the Cadarn Clan, happy to let Arianwyn continue leading for his role in resisting Lord Iorwerth.


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Islwyn can be found roaming the forests around Tirannwn with his companion Eluned, going between the magic trees outside Lletya and the clearing north-east of Tyras Camp. One can find him by taking a charter boat to port Tyras, running north, going through a dense forest obstacle, then slightly east and south across a stick trap to reach the clearing or by teleporting to the Tirannwn lodestone, running north-east, through the obstacle, and then run south.

After The Light Within, Islwyn can also be found in the Ithell Clan district of Prifddinas, replacing Eluned. There, he will recharge crystal seeds for players in her stead. If players chose not to sacrifice Eluned in the quest, he will also give players a Letter from Eluned.





  • In keeping with the standard of using Welsh names for the elven lands, Islwyn is likely named after an abolished borough in south-eastern Wales.
  • If assuming he and Eluned move every five minutes, and taking into account that he lights a fire each time, one will find that Islwyn has lit approximately 1,611,958 fires since his release date 5,597 days ago.
    • Assuming he used normal logs, which give 40 firemaking experience each, he would have accumulated 64,478,304 firemaking experience, which would equal 115 firemaking.
    • Also, assuming he cuts down a regular tree for each log at 25 woodcutting experience each, he will have gained 40,298,940 woodcutting experience, which is equal to 110 woodcutting.
  • Islwyn is one of the possible people requiring identification in order to obtain the enchanted egg in Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Lumbridge Sage.
  • Though appearing with a bonfire during Roving Elves quest, if a player attempts to add logs to the bonfire they get the "There is no bonfire in range" message.
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